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Research papers

J. Seguinot and I. Delaney. Last-glacial-cycle glacier erosion potential in the Alps. Earth Surf. Dynam., 9, 923–935,, 2021.
Alpine ice sheet erosion potential aggregated variables.
Alpine glaciers erosion potential over the last 120000 years.
Alpine glacial cycle erosion vs ice volume.
Alpine glacial cycle erosion vs bedrock altitude.
E. C. H. van Dongen, G. Jouvet, S. Sugiyama, E. A .Podolskiy, M. Funk, D. I. Benn, F. Lindner, A. Bauder, J. Seguinot, S. Leinss, and F. Walter. Thinning leads to calving-style changes at Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland. The Cryosphere, 15, 485–500,, 2021.
Photo time series from Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland (2014-2019).
GPS measurements of glacier flow on Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland, July 2019.
Mapping of the calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland, by UAV photogrammetry (2017).
Mapping of the calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, Northwest Greenland, by UAV photogrammetry (2019).
J. Seguinot, M. Funk, A. Bauder, T. Wyder, C. Senn, and S. Sugiyama. Englacial warming indicates deep crevassing in Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland. Front. Earth Sci., 8,, 2020.
Bowdoin Glacier borehole temperature data.
M. A. Imhof, D. Cohen, J. Seguinot, A. Aschwanden, M. Funk and G. Jouvet. Modelling a paleo valley glacier network using a hybrid model: an assessment with a Stokes ice flow model. J. Glaciology, 65(254):1000–1010,, 2019.
B. de Fleurian, M. A. Werder, S. Beyer, D. J. Brinkerhoff, I. Delaney, C. F. Dow, J. Downs, O. Gagliardini, M. J. Hoffman, R. LeB Hooke, J. Seguinot, and A. N. Sommers. SHMIP The Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project. J. Glaciology, 64(248):897–916,, 2018.
PISM scripts for the Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project.
Subglacial Hydrology Model Intercomparison Project (SHMIP) Data Submissions.
J. Seguinot, S. Ivy-Ochs, G. Jouvet, M. Huss, M. Funk, and F. Preusser. Modelling last glacial cycle ice dynamics in the Alps. The Cryosphere, 12:3265–3285,, 2018.
Alpine ice sheet glacial cycle simulations aggregated variables.
Alpine ice sheet glacial cycle simulations continuous variables.
An ice age lasting 115,000 years in two minutes. CSCS Science, 6 Nov. 2018.
115’000 Jahre Eiszeit in zwei Minuten. ETH-News, 6 Nov. 2018.
Als Bern und Zürich noch von Eis bedeckt waren, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 6 Nov. 2018.
Eiszeiten: Simulation zeigt Gedeih und Verderb der Alpengletscher. Spektrum der Wissenschaft, 6 Nov. 2018.
La glaciazione delle Alpi in 2 minuti. ANSA Scienza & Tecnica, 8 Nov. 2018.
Au temps des glaciers. RTS, 16 Aug. 2019.
Multiple animations in english and other languages.
G. Jouvet, Y. Weidmann, M. Kneib, M. Detert, J. Seguinot, D. Sakakibara, and S. Sugiyama. Short-lived ice speed-up and plume water flow captured by a VTOL UAV give insights into subglacial hydrological system of Bowdoin Glacier. Remote Sens. of Environ., 217:389–399,, 2018.
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G. Jouvet, Y. Weidmann, J. Seguinot, M. Funk, T. Abe, D. Sakakibara, H. Seddik, and S. Sugiyama. Initiation of a major calving event on the Bowdoin Glacier captured by UAV photogrammetry. The Cryosphere, 11(2):911–921,, 2017.
When solar-powered drones meet Arctic glaciers.
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Cordilleran ice sheet glacial cycle simulations continuous variables.
J. Seguinot, C. Khroulev, I. Rogozhina, Q. Zhang, and A. P. Stroeven. The effect of climate forcing on numerical simulations of the Cordilleran ice sheet at the last Glacial Maximum. The Cryosphere, 8(3):1087–1103,, 2014.
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PyPDD, a positive degree day model for glacier surface mass balance.
Monthly standard deviation of air temperature from ERA-Interim.
C. Petit, Y. Gunnell, N. Gonga-Saholiariliva, B. Meyer, and J. Séguinot. Faceted spurs at normal fault scarps: insights from numerical modeling. J. Geophys. Res., 114:B05403,, 2009.


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J. Seguinot. Modélisation numérique des facettes triangulaires. B.Sc. thesis,, 2007.


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