I find that glaciers and glacial landscapes are gorgeous. Of course, I have worked on them for a long time, so I am not very objective about it. But I imagine at least some people agree with this.

Glacier animations

To enjoy the beauty of present glaciers, you can use a pair of hiking boots, or a good photography book. But through my work, I also find beauty in glaciers that existed thousands of years ago. When I examine my modelling results, I imagine the great glaciers flowing steadily through the mountains, excavating the valley floor and building little moraines where we see them today. When researchers publish their results, though, we cannot be so poetic about it (just look at my publications). This is why I like to spend a lot of time computing colourful and attractive glacier animations. While these reconstructions are not everywhere accurate, I hope those watching will become interested about glaciers and understand them in a new way. I think this has become a very important part of my work.

Museums and exhibitions

My glacier animations have been reused in several museums and exhibitions. I am trying to keep a list of them here. While I do not have the budget to travel to all these places, if you happen to visit one of them, please do not hesitate to get in touch and send photos. It will be hugely appreciated!

Arch. Museum Solothurn

To be confirmed

Ongoing exhibitions

15 Oct. – 03 Dec. 2022
Kultur Landschaft Obwalden, Turbine, Giswil.
Since 6 Jun. 2020
Permanent exhibit, Säntis experiential world, Hunwil, via idee GmbH.
Since 23 Nov. 2019
Permanent exhibit, Archäologisches Museum Kanton Solothurn, Olten.

Past exhibitions

17 Jun. 2021 – 23 Jan. 2022
Froid, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne.
12 Jun. – 5 Dec. 2021
Mémoire de glace, Musée départemental de préhistoire d’Île-de-France, Nemours (slideshow, virtual tour, trailer).
22 May – 21 Nov. 2021
17th International Architecture Exhibition, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, via ETH Zürich (movie).
6 Oct. 2018 – 3 Mar. 2019.
Mémoire de glace: vestiges en péril, Musée d’histoire du Valais, Sion.
7 – 8 Dec. 2018
5e Nuits valaisannes des images: matière et énergie, Naters, via Fondation Edelweiss.
1 – 2 Dec. 2018
5e Nuits valaisannes des images: matière et énergie, Collombey, via Fondation Edelweiss.

Derived works