I am back to an institutional affiliation, a work space, and a regular income! This is my contact info until 2025. Please come visit, or get in touch.

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Universitetet i Bergen
Institutt for biovitenskap
Postboks 7803
5020 Bergen, Norway
Thormølens gate 53 A, 2A09.1
5006 Bergen, Norway

I read French, English, German and Swedish.

Frequently asked questions

Can we display your animations in our museum?
Yes, please! All my animations are available under CC BY-SA. If you wish to apply stricter copyright, it is likely that I accept, too. In any case, please get in touch. I maintain a list, and hope it will help me continue such work in the future.
Can you send the data for your paper?
Much of (but not all) my data is long-term archived on Zenodo. The links can be found in my publications list. Of course, if data you need are missing, please ask.
Are you looking for a job?
No. I have got a job now. More on that in the blog soon.